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Subject: Healey Parts
From: "tom felts" <tomfelts@earthlink.net>
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 2004 08:24:32 -0500
I have a bunch of Healey parts and odds and ends that I have come to
realize I may never need so want to get rid of them.  Here is a partial
list. If you have an interest, please contact me off-line.  If you feel I'm
off--too high or low:)--please don't hesitate to make an offer.

Windshield wiper motor---worked when put away----------------------$25
Generator--looks like a smaller version--maybe from an earlier
car--------$20---do not know internal condition
Heater box/motor/fan-----rough--plastic cracked on one of the legs of
box---do not know if motor works-----$20
Pair of air cleaners from earlier car-------$50 
BJ8 oil cannister w/bolt and elbow------------$30
BJ8 headlight bucket------------------------------$15
BMC AM Radio--not sure if the face plate is correct---not sure it
BJ8 door grab
Steering column collapsible chrome piece---new-never
Heater control switch for
Becker Europa II AM/FM radio--very good cond--do not know if it

These next items are for someone who could pick them up---too big to
ship---I am just outside Pittsburgh, Pa

3000 engine/head/crank/rocker arm and complete rear end(not a 3.54 I don't
think)--------These need cleaning up and the internalsof the head will
probably need rebuilding----Not sure about the internals of the rear end. 
It came from a car that was in the process of being restored and was
involved in a fire (after it was removed from the car---it wasn't in the
fire).    $700 for all of this
Again---if you want any of this stuff and don't like the price, just make
an offer.


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