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Re: Help! Fuel Leak! Technical Rank

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Subject: Re: Help! Fuel Leak! Technical Rank
From: HealeyBN7@aol.com
Date: Sun, 21 Nov 2004 23:35:57 EST
Ok, not sure I follow Mr. Russels comments completely but, here's my  take.  
Micheal is right in his basic premise, and we should all listen to  his 
IMHO Please! -  Tribological (friction, wear and  lubrication) advances in 
piston, ring and cylinder materials have pretty  much kept pace with the other 
advances in engine technology, although clearly  the engine management 
capabilities have really advanced in the last  decade.  Kevin Cameron, the 
editor at Motor Cyclist wrote a  series of great articles (as all of his 
articles are of course) on  cylinder/piston/ring performance advances in 
engines over the  last 40+ years.  Advances have allowed racing engines to run 
from around  5000 rpm in the 50's to 18,000 rpm + now.  That's 300 rev's per  
second.  Amazing.  I have a hard time wraping my brain around  something 
mechanical running that fast.  The advances in piston ring  material and the 
they are designed to deform and seal under compression or  combustion pressure 
was fasinating reading - if you're into that  stuff  :)   Cylinder wall 
material and finish is designed such  that the grain structure will minimise 
friction (and wear), and allow ever high  piston speeds (which is the limiting 
to HP generation).  But, engine  management plays the biggest part in engine 
performance increase (and  emmisions decrease) over a wide operating range.  
No raw  fuel running down the cylinder walls these days.
So, should we all run out and switch our Healey's to fuel inj?  Why  did we 
buy these cars in the first place?  Go buy a Miata if you want  modern 
engine/engine management/suspension/etc.  Or maybe one of those  smokin' hot 
cooper's.  sweet car.

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