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Re: Healey on Magazine Cover

To: "Robert C. Atkinson" <rca53@columbia.edu>, <healeys@Autox.Team.Net>
Subject: Re: Healey on Magazine Cover
From: "davidwjones" <davidwjones@cox.net>
Date: Sun, 28 Nov 2004 14:27:41 -0500
Robert, How kind of you to bring the picture of myself  and my MK II  to the
attention of the group.
...Now only if they hadn't used Photoshop to change the color of my car,
pasted in Catherine Zeta Jones, and replaced me with Pierce Brosnan!!!

David W. Jones
'62 Mk II BT7 tricarb
Cumberland, RI USA

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  Subject: Healey on Magazine Cover

  The Sunday NY Times business section (p.2) has a story on a new
  financial magazine and includes the cover of the inaugural edition of
  Trader Monthly which features the front half of a nice Austin Healey.
  The "message" seems to be that fabulously wealthy young traders who have
  Healeys also have fabulous women. The cover is also on the magazine's
  website:  http://traderdaily.com/

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