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RE: starter troubleshooting

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Subject: RE: starter troubleshooting
From: "Neal Grotenhuis" <grotenhuis@comcast.net>
Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2004 22:26:54 -0500
Separation is very possible if after push starting it several times (placing
the flywheel in random rotations)yields similar results, i.e. no sound of
starter connecting with anything.  When I removed my engine for a rebuild,
my ring gear was halfway off of the flywheel.  It is just a press fit; I had
mine pinned during the rebuild. Unlike most cars, the Healey starter engages
the ringear from the rear forward.  Each time it doesn't mesh exactly, it
hits the ring gear like a hammer and tends to pull the ring gear forward.

Neal G.
61 BT7

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Subject: RE: starter troubleshooting

Sounds a little like the ring gear may have separated from the flywheel.
Happened to me once.


It sounded like the starter pinion was spinning but not engaging the

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