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RE: rear end growl

To: "'Freese, Ken'" <Ken.Freese@Aerojet.com>,
Subject: RE: rear end growl
From: "Michael Salter" <michaelsalter@rogers.com>
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2004 19:00:35 -0500
Hi Ken,
Rear end noises in Healeys are very unusual and I do not like to be the
bearer of bad tidings but I can tell you that I struggled with a noise in a
3.54/1 in one of my cars for some time. The initial problem was caused by a
loose pinion nut. I'm not sure if the looseness was caused by the shims
breaking up and falling out or if the loose nut caused the shims to break
Anyway the net result was some damage on the crown wheel teeth. You could
hardly see the damage but no matter what I did in the way of adjusting and
shimming I could not completely eliminate the noise which was most apparent
on over run. I eventually had to put in another gear set. :-(
If you do not find an obviously rough bearing, or if there is play in the
pinion, as in it wobbles up and down, I would recommend looking for a
replacement gear set or pumpkin. It is is a 4.11 / 1 set there are plenty

Michael Salter

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Subject: rear end growl

I have a bearing growl that improves a little bit as I initialy drive a
block or so. I changed a rear wheel bearing with no difference. With the
hardtop on, it is emphasized that I need to take care of this ASAP. To
pinpoint the noise, must I take a rear seat out and listen? I was thinking
maybe the pinion bearing?
Thanks for any suggestions.
Ken Freese
65 BJ8 

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