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Re: Kumho Power Star 758

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Subject: Re: Kumho Power Star 758
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Date: Sun, 29 Jan 2006 18:20:35 -0800
The Kumho Power Star 758 tires are "T" rated.
Vroooom vrooom,

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Subject: Kumho Power Star 758

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> writes:
>> Kumho Power Star 758 from tire rack.  $30 a piece
>> really can't be beat, and since I am planning to drag my car to it's next
>> home, $120 doesn't sound like too much even if I throw the tires away at 
>> a
>> later date.
> I'd use them in a minute. In fact, I've bookmarked the page to use this
> summer. Kumhos are proving to be excellent tires for enthusiasts, used in 
> a
> lot of
> autocrossing and other fun stuff.   At that price, you could afford to 
> throw
> them away every three years, so you always know you're on fresh rubber. 
> Their
> only limitations are that they aren't to be used on snow or ice, and I 
> suspect
> that their speed rating is probably not much over 100 mph. So they should 
> be
> good tires unless you expect to be duplicating the ice-racing stunts in 
> the
> last Bond movie. I've talked several times to the Tire Rack folks (they
> advertising in our MINI magazine, "MCSquared") and they're very 
> informative
> and frank
> with their advice. If you've got any questions, just call them. Also, 
> they're
> pretty careful about what tires they carry
> Cheers,
> Gary

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