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Re: brake M/C resleeve

To: "B&C Phillips" <bjcap@frontiernet.net>
Subject: Re: brake M/C resleeve
From: "Alan Seigrist Blue 100" <healey.nut@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2006 13:38:55 +0800
Carroll -

I think apple hydraulics does this type of work.  You don't want a
brass sleeve on a brake master... definitely stainless steel is the
way to go.  The surface has to be hard and durable.


'53 BN1 '64 BJ8

On 6/20/06, B&C Phillips <bjcap@frontiernet.net> wrote:
> What sources are there for resleeving brake M/C housings ?
> This is for a bugeye sprite
> and pros or cons  brass vs. stainless steel ?
> Thanks,
> Carroll Phillips

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