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Distributor Rotor explosion

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Subject: Distributor Rotor explosion
From: Awgertoo@aol.com
Date: Sat, 24 Jun 2006 17:08:33 EDT
Yesterday on the way back from Akron the 3000 developed an intermittent mild 
miss, as if one cylinder was misfiring.  This morning I removed the 
distributor cap and saw that the nut securing the contact set was a bit 
tightened the nut, replaced the cap and went for a test run.  I got about 1/4 
and the car died.  I again removed the distributor cap and the rotor was 

I found one piece of bakelite and the brass arm on top of the distributor 
plate.  Upon disassembling the distributor I found the arm rivet, the 
that goes inside the rotor and another coil spring about 3/4" long laying in 
the body of the distributor --this was not an advance spring  nor the spring 
under the cap contact--those were all intact.  I can't find any springs in the 
distributor--any thoughts here?  It is definitely larger than either of the 

There was a fine shower of brass filings throughout the distributor--should I 
be concerned with the shaft bearing surface?  Also the advance diaphragm was 
inoperative--who sells these parts?  The distributor has the following numbers 
stamped into the body:

PEG 560

Thanks in advance--Michael Oritt

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