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Re: Ignition cable lenghts

To: "Ph.J.Aeckerlin" <j.aeckerlin@tiscali.nl>,
Subject: Re: Ignition cable lenghts
From: "Frenken, Eric" <efrenken@lctax.de>
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2006 13:57:17 +0100
Hi Jack,

as you might know, I'm a 123ignition dealer in Germany. I for myself have used
the 123ignition along with a Pertronix high voltage coil (40kV) and low
resistance cables with stainless steel/carbon core and silicon coat in my BT7.
This combination works like a charm and I don't have interference neither in
my radio nor in my hearing aid and my pacemaker.  ;-)

We have often sold this combination to our clients and nobody complained about

Kind regards

Eric Frenken
123ignition dealership

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Betreff: Ignition cable lenghts

Thanks to everyone who reacted to my question about cable lengths.
It is interesting to note that the manufacturer of my new ignition,
123Ignition, recommends the use of resistor core silicon ignition leads.
They state litterally  "Do not use solid core wire, these send out a lot
of  electromagnetic noise that interferes with electronic devices."
Jack Aeckerlin, The Netherlands
1964 BJ8 29432

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