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Re: [Healeys] cocpit insulation

To: rccpl1@yahoo.com
Subject: Re: [Healeys] cocpit insulation
From: "Alan Seigrist" <healey.nut@gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 23 Aug 2008 06:53:28 +0800
John -
Before spending alot of money on Dynamat, you need to first make sure all
the various holes and gaps are sealed up.  This will take care of probably
60%-70% of your heat problem and not cost you any more than some duct tape
and insulation.  Places to look are:

1) Gearbox tunnel.  this is usually the #1 culprit.  Make sure the tunnel
around all sides, particularly the front (which goes up against the
bulkhead) is properly sealed.  If not, you can buy a roll of Camper Seal at
your local car parts store and that will be all you need to properly seal up
the gearbox tunnel.

2) Handbrake lever hole.  usually this needs to be sealed up with a piece of
hand cut interior fabric.

3) If you have a BN1 or BN2 - There is a long hole on top of the gearbox
bulkhead.  This hole should be sealed up with a piece of insulation if you
have it, or weather seal should be stuffed up there and that will stop the
flow of air from the engine compartment.

4) BN4-BJ8 - These cars are made to be either left hand drive or right hand
drive.  This means that your car will have a spare set of holes on the
passenger side of the car for the steering wheel and clutch and brake
cylinder.  Tape over these holes with duct tape.

5) Make sure all open holes in the bulkhead (firewall) or floorboards are
blocked off (with duct tape or grommets)

6) Try all of that first.  I can say that unless you live in a very hot
climate, that should take car of most of your problem.  If not, then last
but not least you can buy a pre-cut koolmat kit  for a healey (same type of
product as koolmat) from southgate british for about the same price as
buying the raw materials.  http://www.southgatebritish.com

Good Luck!


'52 A90
'53 BN1
'64 BJ8

On Sat, Aug 23, 2008 at 5:42 AM, john doe <rccpl1@yahoo.com> wrote:

> driving the car alot for the first time in years its so so hot what is a
> good insulation material to use moss has 2 kinds dynamat and another foil
> product any help is appreciated
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