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[Healeys] Healey 100/4 roofs

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Subject: [Healeys] Healey 100/4 roofs
From: "Pete Farmer" <pete.farmer@virgin.net>
Date: Fri, 4 Sep 2009 09:57:52 +0100
Hi Guys,

Regarding the 100/4 roofs and for record, they were designed  and are
manufactured by my company, Pete Farmer Performance Racing Ltd. UK.

We also produce the 2 and 4 seat replica tops, (all manufactured in GRP)
originally for the race boys but now used for road cars. We also produce the
best BJ8 roof available as it has been remodeled to exactly fit the roof and
side screens. Not as the badly fitting original which most people copied.
Also available and just going into production is the new insert for the 2
and 4 seat roofs to replace the original GRP section, saves time and effort
and is a cost effective way of replacing the original. Complete roof units
with the aluminum surround as original for the most discerning customers
will be available in the next few weeks. Apart from two companies in the UK
who produce their  own BJ7/8 roof and for one in Europe we supply most of
the Healey companies with our products. We also ship world wide direct from
our factory. Thanks for your time, if you need help or info please visit our
web site www.petefarmer.com

Best regards to all Healey owners,


Pete Farmer, director.
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