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Re: [Healeys] When is a Tiger not a Tiger

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Subject: Re: [Healeys] When is a Tiger not a Tiger
From: John Harper <ah@jharper.demon.co.uk>
Date: Mon, 1 Feb 2010 08:47:20 +0000

Readers might be interested in knowing more about this. The 
Austin-Healey Club UK is a Limited Company and is subject to UK law. We 
have a law called the Data Protection Act where member information and 
therefore car owner information cannot be disclosed without the 
permission of the person in question.

Some UK Clubs appear to get around this by having this permission 
granted when they sign up as members. Unfortunately when the membership 
rules were drawn up by the AHC well over 30 years nothing like this was 

However the issue is not as serious as some people imagine because if we 
Register Secretaries receive a query that needs the owner information we 
either contact the owner on behalf of the person requesting the 
information or forward a 'to whom it may concern' letter .

In this manner I don't believe that anybody needing to legitimately 
contact an owner has failed so long as the owner is prepared to reply to 
a request.

This procedure does take place from time to time and works so as I say 
the UK law problem is nowhere as serious as some people fear.


John Harper
100 Register Secretary

><< and my personal feeling is that the Healey community
>suffers because of it. >>
>And that is my feeling also, Steve.
John Harper
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