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[Healeys] Top bows for a BT7

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Subject: [Healeys] Top bows for a BT7
From: Bob Abbott <thehealeyguy@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 5 Feb 2010 06:39:26 -0500
Seems the car I'm restoring has the wrong top bows with it. At least they
won't fit in the boot when folded. They do have some repair welds on them
and that may be the problem, but the top bows I have use a flat metal slat
across the front for the headrail to scerw to. The top itself  (very old and
critter-chewed) has a headrail attached to the top with an aluminimum strip
which curves over the windscreen to hold it in place - so they don't belong
together. Either the top bows or the top are wrong for the car (They could
both be wrong).
Could anyone tell me what the topbows for a BN7 ( '62 tri-carb) look like?
Should they be 2 or 3 bows, should they have cant rails, should they fold
flat to fit in the boot ?  Any info would be appreciated. A picture would be
Thank you,
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