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Forgot to mention it was on TCM movie channel last night.

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Just saw the movie On The Beach with Gregory Peck and Ava Gardner in which
they wrecked two Austin Healey's in the race seens and a shot of Ava Gardner
driving a Healey to the coast to see Gregory Pecks character off in his
submarine.  When she is looking out over the water, you get a good view of the
inside of the cockpit of the RHD Healey in the fore ground and the dash with
the word Austin on a placard above the heater controls.  Good movie made in
1959 and remember seeing it in the theaters on a first run back then but
didn't notice or remember the Healey's at the time.  My first recollection of
a big Healey was about 1961 or so when I was in high school.

'67 BJ8
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