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Re: [Healeys] Team.Net Slowness & Other Issues

To: Mark J Bradakis <mark@bradakis.com>, healeys@autox.team.net
Subject: Re: [Healeys] Team.Net Slowness & Other Issues
From: Carlos Cruz <healey3000bn7@yahoo.com>
Date: Tue, 9 Feb 2010 09:42:43 -0800 (PST)
Hi Mark,

Thanks for the update but I think you've got bigger, much bigger issues at work 
here.  Not only are the messages delayed in the delivery process but the server 
seems to be dropping nearly all Healey-related emails too.  All I seem to be 
getting are English / grammar emails from listers with broken spell-checkers 
and some that seem to have English as a fourth or fifth language.  I'm also 
getting a ton of emails regarding some some "pretty", butt-ugly non-Healey 
pea-shooter.  Oh yeah, then there's this art-gallery quest regarding old 
pictures going on too.  

It normally wouldn't be an issue but the foot of snow outside and the near zero 
degree temps means this is the only way to get my Healey fix.  I'm so glad I'm 
not hooked on that other list's passion - what was it. . . the Cross-Eyed Pea 
Shooter?  I think Carroll Shelby drove one on his first date.

Man that server is really messed up.  I just want to say thanks for looking 
into the problem(s) and getting them corrected soon.  I'm putting you in for a 
raise too - for all your service above & beyond the call of duty.  I can't wait 
to get back to my Healey mail.


From: Mark J Bradakis <mark@bradakis.com>
To: healeys@autox.team.net
Sent: Mon, February 8, 2010 8:41:21 PM
Subject: [Healeys] Team.Net Slowness

Currently there is some issue with the main Team.Net
mail server.  Messages come in to the server, get handed
off to the mailing list manager and then for some as yet
unknown reason don't get sent out for roughly two hours,
maybe two and a half.  Ah, the wonders of modern technology.

I'm looking into it, hopefully will have the situation
improved soon.  That's why I get paid the big bucks here!

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