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Re: [Healeys] AH Factory hardtops

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Subject: Re: [Healeys] AH Factory hardtops
From: "Mike Brouillette" <m.brouillette@comcast.net>
Date: Sun, 5 Dec 2010 12:56:01 -0500
Ok,  you got me thinking about the BT7 hardtop I have sitting in the 
basement and went to look at the serial numbers and they don't match what 
you suggested the numbers to be.  My serial number is C/0858140.

  I may also be ready to sell it if someone somewhat local is interested. 
It needs restoration, but is complete including the rear window.  There is 
no headliner, but all the brackets and brightware is attached, and it does 
need a sanding and a repaint, but has no cracking from what I see and would 
be a great starting point.  I can send pictures if you're interested.

Mike Brouillette
59 BT7
Bedford, NH

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Subject: [Healeys] AH Factory hardtops

Thanks to all that gave input to my question- "are factory hardtop serial
numbers recorded on the Hert. Cert."
>From what I gathered if they were fitted at the factory it listed "HT" for
hardtop and the color of the hardtop.  Some were also fitted by dealerships
and maybe some by owners?
I received a few e-mails asking me where the serial number is stamped.
Thought I would share with the group.  The alum trim is stamped in the
passenger door window area/ top.  So sit in the passenger seat and look up.
It maybe partially covered by the door seal.
My one hardtop is stamped 4/259144 (four seater/ Feb., 1959, serial number
144).  My other is stamped 0633743 - this one is confusing??
I sent my 1959 hardtop info to Rudy Streng for the BN4 registry.
Maybe a factory hardtop registry is in order?  Wonder how many were made/

The Millers
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