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[Healeys] Speedwell Sprite for sale

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Subject: [Healeys] Speedwell Sprite for sale
From: "Wm. Severin Thompson" <wsthompson@thicko.com>
Date: Sun, 5 Dec 2010 21:30:37 -0600
To all,


I am selling my 1960 Austin Healey Speedwell Sprite. I purchased this car
from Tom Colby out at Speedwell Engineering about 10 years ago. This is a
California car, never wrecked and never rusted. It was vintage raced out on
the West Coast. 


The car has a Speedwell Monza bonnet with alloy shrouding to the radiator.
It has an extremely well crafted roll bar, with side intrusion bars, but
still can fit a soft or hard top to the car. It is, for the most part,
street legal, although wipers will need to be fitted to the car. It has a
Fuel Safe cell built into a stock Sprite tank in the original location. It
has a central fire extinguisher system installed. The car sits on Panasport
wheels. It needs new tires, and they are included with the sale. It has a
Mota Lita steering wheel. A soft top and side curtains are included. A very
solid, restorable Bugeye bonnet is included with the car. A factory hard top
is also offered for an additional cost. 


Current motor is a fresh 948, with flat top piston, a 295 casting head, and
a BMC factory "649" cam, with a cast header, with the exhaust tucked up in
the pan, exiting through a Super Trap muffler.


The car is priced to sell. See


If you are (very) interested, please contact me off list for further


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