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[Healeys] Closest to BN4L 052381

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Subject: [Healeys] Closest to BN4L 052381
From: "Peter Svilans" <peter.svilans@rogers.com>
Date: Thu, 9 Dec 2010 17:29:08 -0500
Hi Gergo

Just looking at a combination of Clausager's book and the 100-Six Parts List:

The late 100-Six engine with the six-port manifold and HD-6 carbs was fitted
to ALL cars from Chassis/ Engine No. 52602 on, in November 1957.   The
switchover from the old-type gallery head motor was fuzzy, the new motor
having begun being fitted at 48863 on, but 312 old- type motors, individually
listed in the Parts List, continued to be fitted intermittently into the next
3,740 cars until 52601.

Your C/E number , 052381, is NOT in this list of intermittently-fitted
old-type motors.  The last few integral gallery-head motors in the list are:
51742, 51743, 51744, 51755, 51746, 52550 and 52601.    So you should have the
new six-port head motor.

Some other cue points for roughly dating your car (52381) can be:

Sept. 1957 (47703)- sidescreens changed from front-opening (plexi angles
forward), to rear-opening type (plexi angles backwards like most)
                 (48387) -locking door handle dropped for late non-locking
Oct. 1957   (48863) -begin motor change-over to new type
                 (48863) - brake master/ clutch cyls. now have a single remote
reservoir, not separate integral type
                 (50759) - accelerator controls now snap-lock type, not
spring-loaded barrel type as on 100's
Nov.1957    (52602) - new six-port motor and remote reservoir now in all cars
Dec. 1957-  (52704) -strengthening hoop introduced in bulkhead

Best regards
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