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Re: [Healeys] WG: rear shocks

To: Bob Haskell <rchaskell@earthlink.net>,Josef.Eckert@t-systems.com
Subject: Re: [Healeys] WG: rear shocks
From: Peter Caldwell <peter@nosimport.com>
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 2010 09:54:42 -0600
Bob, Josef,
      Sorry, I was off list for a bit.  The shock 6075 and 8002 are 
externally identical. The number we use is the Armstrong number 
stamped on the underside of each shock casting on the fronts. (on the 
rears, the number is stamped on the lower edge of a mounting boss)

         Internally, the valve springs change wire diameter by a few 
thousandths. Not terribly significant, and honestly, probably not as 
noticeable as a change t radial tires from bias ply.

         The screws are not the difference.  Armstrong had running 
changes in manufacture over the years going from slotted to posidrive 
to Phillips screws all on the same part number. There is usually a 
date code on the front shocks into the 1980s. The valve nut (7/8") 
also changes over the years as does the seat in the body.

         I have a downladable copy of the Armstrong catalog page for 
the Healey shocks if someone wants to host it.  And Bob, your numbes 
are correct, as both the BMC and the Armstrong numbers are stamped on 
the shock base.

         Now.... what about color..... ;-)

Peter Caldwell

At 05:02 AM 12/14/2010, Bob Haskell wrote:
>I don't know what the difference is.  Peter Caldwell of World Wide 
>Auto Parts of Madison is on this mailing list.  Hopefully, he'll 
>have a free moment and give us an explanation.
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