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[Healeys] BJ8 Rear Shocks

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Subject: [Healeys] BJ8 Rear Shocks
From: Mark Schneider <mandmschneider@comcast.net>
Date: Tue, 28 Dec 2010 16:09:28 -0800

Happy New Year!
In the last year or two my rear shocks have taken to loosening at the  
mounting bolts.  The result is a heavy thud on encountering certain  
road conditions.  Tightening up the four bolts mounting the two shocks  
and all is well until they loosen again.  I have decided to replace  
the original mounting hardware with Grade 8 bolts, lock washers and  
Nyloc nuts.  Is there a recommended torque to be used on these bolts  
and nuts?  While I am pursuing this chore I am also going to replace  
the shock links on both sides.  The original links are losing their  
bushings.  I ask the same question regarding the torque settings for  
the two threaded link ends on each link and the nuts involved in this  
assembly.  And, before anybody mentions it, I will check the bolt  
holes for egg-shaped damage.  Thanks

Marks 3
'66 BJ8
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