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Re: [Healeys] Tyre Pressures

To: "Bob Spidell" <bspidell@comcast.net>, "Tim Ward" <timwarduk@aol.com>
Subject: Re: [Healeys] Tyre Pressures
From: "Greg Lemon" <glemon@neb.rr.com>
Date: Sat, 6 Aug 2011 08:51:17 -0500
I am in the same ballpark as Kees and Bob, on my leaf sprung rear suspension 
LBCs I usually run about 32 psi front and 28-30 rear.  If you are looking 
for smooth ride over handling you might want to go a little lower than that, 
as stated you can experiment and see what you like as far as ride/handling, 
I think under 25 pounds or so on radials is too low.

Greg Lemon
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