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Re: [Healeys] Fuel gauge damper query

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Subject: Re: [Healeys] Fuel gauge damper query
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Date: Sun, 03 Feb 2019 22:46:23 -0800
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Here are two thoughts, Simon,

First, you most likely won't be consuming petrol so fast that a five
minute lag in display would cause trouble.

Second, you don't tell us what size cap you got, 1 farad?  5 farads?
or what?  If you got one that was half the size, say 1 farad instead
of 2, the gauge should respond twice as fast, or half as slow -- take
your pick.


On Mon, 4 Feb 2019 00:07:25 -0000, you wrote:

>See the attached. I can't recall whose work I was pirating, but I was
>interested in it anyway. The latter two paragraphs were added by me after
>consulting with you guys.
>So, in the end, I got around to trying it myself. I bought this:- eBay
>item:-  152332450334
>It wasn't hard to fit and in it went...
>Now, I know less  about capacitors and milliwotsits than I do about kiloton
>yields and so I just bought what seemed closest to the spec on the original
>Results? Well, it was a success in a way. The needle didn't bounce around
>but it was so damped that it moved like a glacier on a cold day. It did get
>up to where it should be, but took, quite literally, 5 minutes to do so. All
>good connections, all per the diagram. Gauge working fine before and after.
>So...I suppose that I bought the wrong thing. Can anybody be very kind and
>tell me precisely what I should have bought? All the clever little numbers
>and symbols. I don't have to understand it; I just have to fit it.
>And, before you all shout at once, I have Michael's alternative in mind and
>will probably finish with it as a permanent fix. It's just that I can't bear
>to be beaten by a tuppeny-happeny capacitor.
>Thank you,

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