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[Healeys] Brake fluid...again

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Subject: [Healeys] Brake fluid...again
From: Stephen Hutchings <s.hutchings@rogers.com>
Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2019 12:27:24 -0400
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I have used Dot 5 silicone brake fluid for many years and have never had any 
problems with it.
Nor have I found any corrosion while rebuilding the components- Iâ??ve decided 
that itâ??s the perfect solution for a car that sits for months during the 
winter, and it wonâ??t remove my paint.
Iâ??ve read about â??compressibilityâ??, but I think thatâ??s just the effect 
of not completely removing all the air from the system, which can be time 

Now for the BUTâ?¦for the first time, Iâ??ve read something about silicone 
fluid thatâ??s given me pause.
If you have a servo and it develops a leak, you definitely donâ??t want your 
engine sucking this stuff through the manifold. Iâ??m not a chemist, but 
apparently what is left behind when Dot 5 is burned can be abrasive and 
damaging to engine components. Iâ??m sure there are some of you who will 
understand the molecular structure of the silicone fluid, and be able to 
explain this properlyâ?¦but this has got me thinking.
I have a PBR replacement servo which has been very reliable, but Iâ??m thinking 
about looking for a rebuild kit soon.

Stephen, BJ8
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