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[Healeys] 100 BN2 Fuel tank fitting stripped

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Subject: [Healeys] 100 BN2 Fuel tank fitting stripped
From: Bert Van Brande via Healeys <healeys@autox.team.net>
Date: Tue, 26 May 2020 04:09:58 +0000 (UTC)
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It's been a while!  After a long hiatus (putting 5 kids through college and 
working out of state and abroad). I am in the final stretch on restoring my 56 
100 BN2.  The previous weekend, i finished the windscreen and this Memorial 
weekend, I installed and wired up the indicators (LED based) and installed the 
tonneau and some small tasks like fixing badges.  Interior and some small tasks 
are all that's left.  

My seat frames, bases, etc,.. have been on the way for 2 weeks but will arrive 
at Geoff Chrysler place tomorrow to work his magic.  He will also make the 
Armacord pieces for the rear deck.  I am happy Rich son is involved and 
continues his dad's legacy.

I ran into a small snag that needs some technical advice: the thread on the 
(brass) female fuel fitting on my gastank has stripped and I can't get enough 
pressure to create a seal on the compression fitting.  When I bought the tank 
off ebay, I chased the threads some 9 years ago.  I then installed the fuel 
pIpe, sourced from Mr. Finespanner, so a stock/original setup.  The tank 
probably had an NPT fitting screwed in at some point in time, else i blame the 

I am looking at my options:

-Installing a 1/4 BSP Helicoil.  I not sure that I can drill/tap deep enough 
for the Helicoil, I don't want to destroy the mating surface of the compression 
-Drilling/tapping for a slightly larger diameter fitting.  1/4 NPT?  1/4 
NPTF?  Same concern as above.
-Finding an original 1/4 BSP flange fitting from a donor tank and solder it in 
place? Is the pickup line integrated?  Anybody has a donor?
-Solder in the original 1/4 BSPP Male fitting and solder in the fuel pipe 
without the compression sleeve, cutting the line behind the bulkhead and 
reconnecting with a piece of flexible pipe.  All in a way the tank can be 
removed at later date.
-Buy. a new fuel tank,

I guess enough options, I am probably overthinking it.  What's the best 



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