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[Healeys] Armstrong Shock ID

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Subject: [Healeys] Armstrong Shock ID
From: Bob Spidell <bspidell@comcast.net>
Date: Mon, 10 Aug 2020 09:50:24 -0700
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Years ago I acquired some parts from a guy cleaning out his garage in 
SF. As far as I can tell, they all came from a BJ8--certainly, the 
exhaust did--but I also got a couple front shocks and three rears. As 
one of my car's shocks was, er, 'retrofitted' with a larger bolt due to 
a stripped captive nut--I didn't have/think of helicoils at the time 
(and was under some time pressure)--I would like to have one of the 
front shocks rebuilt by WorldWide, but want to confirm it is indeed for 
a BJ8. I read years ago that there are some identifying marks that can 
help identify a shock's 'provenance,' but I've long since lost the 
reference and/or brain cells; does anyone have a handy Armstrong parts 
table, or know the secret to identifying a given shock's application?


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