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Re: [Land-speed] Anybody got any advise for a first time

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Subject: Re: [Land-speed] Anybody got any advise for a first time
From: Rich Fox <>
Date: Sat, 5 Mar 2011 11:02:30 -0800 (PST)
Otto showed up with a decent car and ran it. In doing that he earned a certain
amount of respect from me. And I think should have from you. I have heard
enough people who never have and never will, tell me all about running on the
salt. I'm not friends with everyone who runs at Bonneville. But I do respect
them for having had a goal and making positive effort at achieving it. French
blocks and those in favor of them are another story.

--- On Sat, 3/5/11, Larry Mayfield <> wrote:

From: Larry Mayfield <>
Subject: Re: [Land-speed] Anybody got any advise for a first time
To: "" <>
Date: Saturday, March 5, 2011, 9:08 AM

Wow!  This list turned instantly into an uncivil mob.  I thought that
the land speed racer was generally one of the most pleasant and helpful
person anywhere. The give you the shirt off your back kind of guy. Well,
that certainly went out the window didn't it.   When he request from
Otto, actually AskOtto, hit my desk, I wondered if that was the same
Otto that was pummeled when he went to the salt to run his very nice
lakester.  I chatted with him on the salt and he was actually a normal
person. It seems that email allows us to be uncivil at a distance and
that's bad.

When I read Otto's request, all he asked for was the experience of
racers as source data for an article he was writing for a magazine of
some sort. The article was to be on what a newbie should expect on his
initial outings on the salt.  He even mentioned that if you wanted
attribution for the information you sent, to be sure and include name
and particulars so that you could be quoted.  There was not one thing in
it regarding setting of records or an such.  It seemed to be a perfectly
normal request. So what upset all of you over this request?   I have
seen such requests from all sorts of folk on the list before and they
were never verbally pummeled.  Here  is the request he sent:

"Hi, Otto here.
> >
> > I'm writing an article for Kool House publishing, "A Newbies guide to
> > racing Bonneville" and am doing research. As an experienced racer
> > yourself,
> > what main point would you like newbies to know about their first
> > experience
> > at the salt.
> >
> > If you want your specific quote to appear with your name getting
>  credits,
> >> be sure to include your full name in the response to _askotto@aol.com_
> >> (
> >>
> >> Thanks in advance
> >> Otto


The response to the request  from a number of list members makes me
ashamed of the genre of land speed racers.  Why not simply hit the
delete button and put it behind you?



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