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Midget 1500 O/D, MG enthusiast Vo.5 No.5

Subject: Midget 1500 O/D, MG enthusiast Vo.5 No.5
From: Trevor Boicey <>
Date: Thu, 03 Oct 1996 22:28:36 -0400
Does anybody have this issue, MG Entusiast Volume 5 Number 5?

  I'd like to order it as a back issue to read the article about
Midget 1500 overdrive conversions. 

  But before I talk myself into going through the money exchange
process to change Canadian-> British for a measly #2.50 and the
eight week mailing wait, can somebody tell me about the article
and if it's really worth reading?

  I assume it involves a Spitfire OD tranny as well as the kit
that is advertised for sale in the magazine by Nottingham MG
Center for #99.50. My tranny is dying a slow death, this would
definately be something I would like to try if it looked promising.

  I just want to make sure it doesn't involve cutting the car in
half or sourcing from some Britain-only car that I've only ever
seen under a tractor tire in the back of Practical Classics.

   Trevor Boicey             1992 Celica GT (95% of the driving I do)        1975 MG Midget (95% of the repairs I do)

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