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RE:Spridget w/ jap. 5-speed

Subject: RE:Spridget w/ jap. 5-speed
Date: Sat, 12 Oct 1996 12:53:11 -0400
On Thu, 10 Oct 1996, Robert Allen wrote:
> Having said that, the 1275 Midget transmission is crap. Non-synchro 1st is
> pain but the other gears aren't too strong either. I wore out three of
> Plus, without overdrive, you have to rev the beegees out of the little
> to maintain 75 on the freeway and 90 is about tops. I know, it's a lot like
> 'B' without overdrive but, in the Midget, overdrive isn't an option.

Right on.  Even though I love the shift feel of the ribcase, for the
reasons you mentioned, I am planning to do this:

> I've got a local aquaintance that bought "the kit" and a Datsun B200
> and put it in his Midget. That makes it wonderful -- for awhile. But he
> chewing the clutch splines off the front transmission shaft. Plus he has an

> eccentric mix of Brit-SAE and Japan-Metric components -- including
> bits to keep the car on the road.

Do you know why these splines keep going?  This doesn't sound too
Has this happened to others who have made the swap?

    Ulix                                                    __/__,__
.......................................................... (_o____o_).....
                                                           '67 Sprite

I have to agree.  I attempted to remain a purist through SIX ribcase
transmissions (original, shop rebuilt, used, british rebuilt, backyard
rebuilt, shop rebuilt).  I gave up and last year installed a WONDERFUL Datsun
all syncro overdrive 5 speed out of a 78 B210.  The swap wasn't easy, and we
did have to be creative with an assortment of parts, but we did it without a
kit.  And although Mini Mania claims it doesn't require any cutting, I did
have to cut out the crossmember and fabricate a removable one.  Brief
>>Machine flywheel to remove step up surface.  Redrill and pin to accomodate
Datsun pressure plate.
>>Machine center of crankshaft to accomodate custom pilot bushing.
>>Datsun Clutch, throwout bearing (no more carbon bearing!)
>>Relocate clutch release arm in transmission 180 degrees, make bracket for
pivot point on arm in new location.
>>Fabricate mounting point for Midget Clutch slave cylinder.
>>Custom engine backplate.
>>Cut out cross member and bottom of transmission tunnel.  Weld close the box
sections to maintain strength.  Add reinforcement where removable crossmember
will bolt up.
>>Fabricate crossmember, use standard Chevrolet rear transmission mount.
>>Cut hole in bell housing to accomodate Midget starter drive gear.
 Fabricate dust cover for starter drive gear.
>>Shorten B210 drive shaft, replace U-joints (believe it or not, it bolts
right up to MG)
>>enlarge hole for shift lever, shorten shift lever.
>>replace hydralic brake line with one for a 1500 Midget.
Install above combination, turn key, slip quietly into 1st gear, and drive
away with big smile on your face.  At freeway speed look at tach and smile
again..3000rpm=65, 3500rpm=about 75, 4000=about 85.

One year, about 5000 miles, no problems.  Smile again {:>)

David Riker
69 Midget


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