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Car Cover

Subject: Car Cover
From: Dan Hughes <>
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 1996 14:54:05 -0500
To Whomever It  Was Looking For a Cheap Car Cover:

Sorry, deleted your mail before I could answer!  Check Moss' Web site:  They have a monthly web special.  For October it's a car
cover.  Here's a cut & paste of the add:

             Weather-Lock Universal Fit Genesis Car Cover

                Fits chrome bumpered MGBs, Triumph TR2 thru TR4A and Mazda
Miata.  An economical alternative to our tailored Genesis covers, this one
features a similar quadruple-layered polypropylene fabric that remains soft
and pliable in all weather conditions. Guaranteed for two years against rot,
mildew or smell.  The long fibers of the inner and outer layers make them
tough, soft and long-wearing while the short fibers of the middle layers are
designed to catch water yet allow air to pass through. Light gray color. As
this is a universal-fit cover, the mirror pockets are rather oversized to
accommodate a number of cars. 

                 Part# 236-450WEB Web Special Priced at $57.95

You may also want to check Dick Burger:

80 MGB

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