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Re: That green paint

To: "Williams," Scott <>,
Subject: Re: That green paint
From: Gary Thomas Minster "Jr." <>
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 96 12:34:15 PDT
HI list,

Does anybody know any options regarding that green paint that was painted=
 on my Austin America motors. I know Moss sells a green engine paint, and=
 I believe its formulated for Sprites??? Anyway, that green is a bit ligh=
ter than the Austin America green. I'd sure like to find this paint. Anyo=
ne looked for this color before??

Scott C. Williams

'73 Austin Marina (daily driver)   '74 1/2 MGT/GT  '71 Austin America
'70 Austin America  '63 MG1100  - All at home in Russell, Kansas


Wow!  You have an Austin Marina!!!!!! Amazing!!! This must be the last =

one on the planet.  Boy, do we have parts for you!! In abundance!
Most BL dealerships bought lots of parts for the Austin Marina, but the =

cars were not that popular (sorry mate).  Consequently, when we buy 
out old BL dealerships of their British parts, we usually get lots of NOS
Marina parts.  On your paint question, have you tried the MG Owners 
Club or the MG Car Club in  the UK, or the MG1100 division of the
North American MGB Register in the USA?  Do you have any jpg's or
bmp's of your car? If not, please send me some photos (if it's not a
problem for you). Thanx, and good luck with the Austin's!!!!!!


Gary Minster & Paul Barnes

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