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FW: Re: FW: No new mail in 2 days

To: mgs
Subject: FW: Re: FW: No new mail in 2 days
From: Mark J Bradakis <mjb>
Date: Mon, 2 Jun 1997 15:24:56 -0600 (MDT)
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     Date: Thu, 22 May 1997 14:04:21 -0400
     From: Gary Burrell <>
     Subject: Re: FW: No new mail in 2 days

> I haven't seen any new mail in two days, has the list died
> or is it a problem on our end, or does nobody have anything
> to talk about.
> (BTW I'm having trouble with this cat .... :):):)
> (Oh, and what does MOWOG stand for anyway ..... :):):)

Actually it seems I was somehow unsubscribed from the list,
does anyone have a clue as to why this happened.  I resubscribed,
and every thing seems to be back to normal.  Of couse the
question is how/why I ended up unsubscribed to the list.
We had some internet work done here.  (Switched from dial up mail
to T1 (about time)), but that was supposed to be seamless.

[If your address starts bouncing, off the list you go.  mjb.]

Anyway off to Canada today to pick up my canoe and bring 
it back to NJ.  The MGB is getting it's new wiring harness, and 
new top and will be following shortly.  I'll finally be
able to enjoy spring, and play with my toys instead of listening
to others talk about their's.

BTW I ordered the harness from moss europe and at L142($235) it was 
far cheaper then the $325 moss wanted for it.  Even accounting 
for the high shipping cost I came out ahead.  The hood cost
L100($165) for an OE tickford hood minus header rail. Which
also is much less than over here.  Considering the big 
players ability to ship large volumes over here which 
make thier shipping cost much lower not to mention the
fact they are buying these goods wholesale.  Why such a 
high difference in cost?  (In the past I have bought large 
ticket items from the U.K. and always came out way ahead
even having the goods shipped by air) 


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