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MGA Experts! Some Questions

To: <>
Subject: MGA Experts! Some Questions
From: "Askaer-Jensen" <>
Date: Wed, 4 Jun 1997 23:07:52 +0800
Hey all my nice MGA "friends" out there. Singapore is calling!

Few questions to the experts:

1) I have recently bought a finned cast aluminium rocker box cover for my
MGA Coupe 1500 to brighten the appearance of the engine. Compared to my old
one, it does not have any provision for a breather hose. Any problems or
care prior to installing it.

2) I always have had some difficulties in keeping the cabin free of exhaust
smell. Partly it seems to come from below the cover plate covering the two
batteries and partly it may come from the boot. Any great proposals how to
get rid of this. 

3) Is it correct that there are no rubber seal between the boot floor and
the body? There seems to be a gab. Any ready available solutions?

4) What is the correct consumption for a MGA - normal country driving and
how much is considered as normal oil consumption?

5) Where do I get the crom trim for the rear window?

6) Is it recommendable to install a luggage rack and if, is stainless steel

Thanks for otherwise many good MGA exchanges on this mail list! 

Heine Askaer-Jensen

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