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Re: MGB Faq

Subject: Re: MGB Faq
Date: Thu, 19 Jun 1997 15:32:38 EDT
>On Thu, 19 Jun 1997 08:19:44 -0400 writes:
>>     Being new to the list, can anyone tell me if there is a faq?
>>     I especially interested in one that would cover what to look
>>     for in purchasing a B.
>>     Thanks
>>     Peter
>>     No B (yet)
>>      Peter Markiewicz                        Email: 
>>      Systems Architecture & Technology       Tel:    516 222 
>>      HFS/Wizcom                              Fax:    516 222 
>>      900 Old Country Road
>>      Garden City, NY 11530
> Regret I don't know  what a faq is.  A good book, however, is Guide 
>to Purchase and DIY Restoration of MGB, Lindsay Porter, pub by Haynes. 
>Helpful in evaluation of condition and estimation of cost/materials to 
>repair and improve the car.
> Any B is good; different years will suit different drivers better 
>than others. example--early cars have difficult-to-raise tops, but are 
>simpler, lighter & quicker. They suffer terrible damage from minor 
>rear-ender collisions. Rubber bumper cars are much heavier, less 
>powerful, slower, etc, but they have far better tops, available with 
>zipper-open rear windows, and air vents on the dashboard, and are less 
>prone to damage from the rear-enders. Any B is good for your health, 
>morale, yet probably bad for your morals.  Buy a couple!

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