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Re: Something is knocking & SU adjustment ???

To:, "Cotty, Neil" <>,
Subject: Re: Something is knocking & SU adjustment ???
From: Eric Stephen <>
Date: Mon, 05 Apr 1999 18:14:52 -0400
Hello John and Neil:  This is going to sound crazy but when I started up the car
today I could hear the "knock", louder on the drivers side than the passenger
side and not observable after popping the bonnet.  Strangely enough, it sounded
as if it was coming from the cockpit.  I noticed the tach was jumping a bit so a
I reached behind to see if the cable was loose.  It was!!  On tightening, the
"knock" stopped.  Naturally I said a couple of Novena's and hit the road, go
figure!  Strangely enough, I was on my way to help a friend pull his A's engine
to pull the crankshaft.  The rear main was toast, and I'm afraid the CR bearings
are going to need to be machined as well.  The shaft will be taken care of
tomorrow and depending on the availability of the bearing set we should have the
puppy on the road next weekend.

On another note, I'm burning a bit rich (black sooty tail pipe).  The manual 
to turn the adjusting screw on the bottom of the SU's counter clockwise to lean
out.  Is that counter clockwise looking from the top down OR the bottom up??
Appreciate any advice you can provide on this

As far as a cold start goes, I generally turn the engine over (key off) for a
couple of seconds until pressure appears then turn the engine over. wrote:

> Hello Eric.   Sounds like bearings.  Your engine is in need of overhaul.  As
> the engine get warmer.  Every thing inside expands.  Making bearing a tighter
> fit.
> Less play and less noise.  Also does it a take a few seconds for your oil
> pressure to come up?  On a cold start?    John    Flintstone, GA

Regards, Eric Stephen
1960 MGA1600 Roadster
Nepean, Ontario
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