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Subject: Aaaarrrghhh!
Date: Tue, 6 Apr 1999 11:03:48 EDT
I have spent the weekend under and around my MGA (no, Bill, I haven't had 
time to hunt the Jag parts yet) and have experienced the usual frustrating 

Spent some time removing the brand new (when the car was put away in dry 
storage) crappy Moss chrome that was rusted, and trying to decide whether to 
rechrome it or hunt down better.
Why can't they make brass grille shells, anyway - it can't be the cost of the 
brass, and it would prevent the shoddy chrome job from pealing as easily.
Found a stone chip in one driving light. Fortunately the tri-wire headlamps 
are still OK.

Then, one rear disc covered in oil. Pull the rear calipers, both of them, 
only to find that I was out of rebuild kits. I'll probably rebuild them and 
find that it is a rear hub seal instead (too hard to tell with old dried oil 
whether it is brake fluid or diff oil leaking, and the calipers needed it 

Worked on the engine for awhile (had to stand up to get the blood flowing 
again) and found 2 frost plugs missing, fortunately the ones you can get at 
without too much trouble. Replaced them, changed the oil and filter before 
cranking it, and cranked to get pressure - so far so good.

Then I drained the fuel tank and added new gas, changed the filter, and 
turned on the ignition. The pump still works (probably because it is a Holley 
that I replaced on the last trip to Tahoe lying in the road at dawn near 
Alturas California wondering how many rattlesnakes I might be sharing the 
warm asphalt with. Unfortunately, the seals on the carbs have grown bored 
with sitting around and dribble gas on the exhaust - not a prescription for 
longevity of car or driver.  Used H4s, being a traditionalist - knew I should 
have thrown a B manifold and HS4 carbs on. Just something else to rebuild.

Should probably rebuild the front callipers too, and the master cylinder 
while I'm at it.

Would you guys be offended if I showed up at Tahoe in a Jensen? Only 3 months 
to go, and at least it runs, and I have a  Jensen meet in Santa Fe the next 
month, so it would be good practice .......

Bill Spohn

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