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Midget 1500 Puzzlement

Subject: Midget 1500 Puzzlement
From: Christopher Kotting <>
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 1999 18:54:35 -0400
I was tinkering with Martha (my '77 Midget) this past weekend, and
encountered something really odd.  When I ran a compression test for a
baseline, the results came out:

1:  153 (or thereabouts, my tester's only marked in 5lb increments)
2:  130
3:  135
4:  155

This was done with all sparkplugs out, throttle held open and piston lifted.

Now the car hasn't been running badly (slightly rough idle sometimes, but
nothing objectionable).  I checked the valve lash (thinking I had
ham-fisted it the week before), and they were all .010, right where they
should be.

I ran a pseudo leakdown test by hooking up the compression tester and
cranking the engine 4-5 revs, left the tester hooked up and noted how much
the pressure dropped off from the max reading in 20 minutes.  I only
checked the best and worst cylinders (#4 and #2) as it was getting late,
but they each only bled down about 3 lbs in 20 minutes.

Anybody out there have any ideas of what's going on here?


Chris Kotting

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