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RE: Intake Backfiring -> Closer.....

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Subject: RE: Intake Backfiring -> Closer.....
From: Michael Graziano <>
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 10:56:20 -0400
Make that, an UNLIT propane torch.  I can just see the mail now.  "The torch
may melt your hoses", or some other such thing...  ;-)


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Subject: Intake Backfiring -> Closer.....
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OK.  Now why didn't anyone suggest the Native American Carburator Dance.
And to think it was that simple all along.

Seriously though.  I think I've limited it to either a carb issue,  or a
vacuum leak.  I retard my timing back to spec (10 BTDC), and started
checking for leaks again with starting fluid.  Still nothing showing.  But
when I pull the choke out slightly,  the backfiring stops.    Of course,  it
began running too rich that way.  So I'm inclined to believe that the car is
actually running too lean.  Now whether or not it's from the carb, or the
intake, I'm not sure.  Tonight I'll try leak testing again with a small
propane torch (yes, VERY CAREFULLY).  

I'll keep you posted.


'78 Midget
'87 300zx

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