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Re: Throttle Cable Prob.

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Subject: Re: Throttle Cable Prob.
From: "Lonn and Rhonda" <>
Date: Fri, 3 Sep 1999 10:58:08 -0700
And I thought it was just me.  Is there a cure short of replacement of the
Moss cable?

> I just replaced my throttle cable with a new Moss number, and am
> having problems with friction.  For small throttle movement, the
> cable seems "rough" and "sticky", causing a not-too-smooth
> application of power.  I tried graphite fluid, then white grease
> spray, but it is still pretty "notchy"...The pedal itself swings
> freely, and the pedal bushing was replaced as part of the job.  Any
> helpful hints?  Bad cable?
> Chris Attias
> '64 MGB
> '84 Alfa Romeo GTV-6
Lonn Howard
Pasco, WA USA
'70 TR6
'71 TR6
'70 BGT
'89 900 turbo 'vert
'91 big truck

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