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RE: 1950 cc MG?

To: Rocky Frisco <>
Subject: RE: 1950 cc MG?
From: "Dodd, Kelvin" <>
Date: Fri, 24 Sep 1999 10:55:45 -0700

        John is correct.

        The 1950cc overbore was originally developed in the UK.  AE brand
Lotus pistons are used to increase the displacement to the max feasible.
Drawbacks are plenty.  The Lotus pistons have a lower pin height, which
means to get maximum advantage, the block must be decked.  Block castings
integrity is critical.  There are concerns of cylinder wall flex causing
increased wear.
        All in all, just as anything else, to get the most bang you give up
long term reliability.

        Doug at British Automotive does advertise a specialized piston set
to accomplish the same overbore without the deck height problems.  I have
not had experience with them though.

        The 1950cc upgrade is a good way to get street torque, for a weekend
car.  Not something I would recomend for a long-term daily driver.

        I am planning on building a couple up, one for my MGA, the other
perhaps for my Magnette.  Both cars are limited mileage, fun toys.  


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> I have noticed mention of a 19.5 MG engine here a few times (unless I
> misunderstood) and am curious about this. Is there such a 
> thing? If so,
> is it a factory job or an aftermarket mod? Will it fit in an 
> MGB, using
> same mounts, transmission, etc.?
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