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76 B - installing A/C compressor

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Subject: 76 B - installing A/C compressor
From: Tyson Sherman <>
Date: Sat, 25 Sep 1999 11:41:58 -0500
I'm having major problems mounting the A/C
compressor on my 76 B.  The problem is that I
don't have all of the mounts nor do I really know
how it goes.

For starters, it's the round compressor, I guess
about 6" or so in diameter with two large pulleys
on the front.  I'm not sure of the make, but it's
old.  The compressor has four bolt holes, each 90
degrees apart.  There's a matching set of these
holes on the front and on the back of the
compressor.  There's also a bracket that connects
two of these holes on the front and back.  For a
picture of the compressor, see .  I hear
that the compressor sits  where the alternator
sat, and that the alternator sat above there. I
don't have an air pump, BTW.

Still leaking gas after I installed a pressure
regulator.  Will look into float issues later I

Thanks for your help on the A/C.  All the other
components are installed and the blower works
(quite well!).

Tyson Sherman
ICQ# 10494960

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