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RE: mounting intake&exhaust manifolds - a question

To: Bill Saidel <>
Subject: RE: mounting intake&exhaust manifolds - a question
From: "Dodd, Kelvin" <>
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 1999 10:18:24 -0700

        I have run into this problem a number of times.  The HS4 and HIF4
manifolds have different flange thicknesses.  The exhaust manifold changes
at the same point.  Nobody seems to have any idea what spec. header
manufacturers are using, so any time a header is installed it is a good idea
to shim the washer correctly.  Trying to get a header and intake off a car
with bent studs is no fun.

        On my latest car, I chose to use an HIF manifold to match the header
I am using.  The thickness looks like it will work without special shims.
In the past I have brazed a small piece of square rod onto each of the stock
cast iron washers.  I have seen specially stepped washers on an MG Magnette
powerplant (It was at a swap meet, so no idea if ZA or B).  I grabbed the
washers when the owner took off the manifolds for just such an occasion.
Unfortunately some b*****d stole the tool box they were languishing in from
my garage.  The washer on the thin side was the same thickness as the stock
MGB one.  I'd be a little leary of grinding down the standard washer as they
make crack.

have fun.


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> Subject: mounting intake&exhaust manifolds - a question
> I'm replacing a Zenith-S with a pair of SU's and that 
> requires replacing both
> intake and exhaust manifolds.
> So I remove the old stuff, put on the appropriate manifold 
> gasket, slipped the
> intake manifold on the studs and positioned the exhaust 
> manifold at the right
> position only to find the thicknessess of the two manifolds 
> where the Fixing
> Washer (p.12, left side #16, Moss Catalog) differ. (Neither 
> manifold was
> purchased new...) The exhaust manifold is significantly 
> thicker. That means
> either grind down the 'flat' positions on the exhaust 
> manifold where the washers sit
> so the washers sit flat or build up the intake manifold. 
> Two questions: 
> Anybody encounter this problem and what was your solution?
> Which of my two solutions is the better or the easier?
> If the solution is to build up the intake manifold 'flat' 
> indentation for the washer, what material should
> be used for shims?
> TIA,
> Bill
> 76B

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