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Re: Final question on rear springs

To: "Steve Shoyer" <>, <>
Subject: Re: Final question on rear springs
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Sat, 6 May 2006 13:55:20 +0100
Final question?  Ever the optomist ... :o)

I'm not sure I understand.  Until the axle is bolted to the spring it is
free to move forwards and backwards a huge amount, and it is the spring that
positions the axle.  Is this the top plate you are talking about?  With the
rubber underneath it which sits on top of the top leaf?  If so does the top
plate when removed from the spring sit flush with the mounting surface on
the bottom of the axle tube?  If so try assembling the spring and axle,
jacking under the spring to take some of the weight of the axle, before
fitting the bump rubber and its pedestal and the U-bolts.

And yes, the weight of the car is pushing down on the spring and trying to
push it away from the axle.


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> After much delay, the rear springs are finally on the car.  One side looks
fine, but on the other side the ridge on the spring locating plate won't
quite line up to sit flush on the axle.  It's too far forward by about 1/8",
but my usual techniques (pry bar, hammer, swearing) aren't moving it into

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