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Re: 1970 MGB GT Running on. (Dieselling)

To: darren <>,
Subject: Re: 1970 MGB GT Running on. (Dieselling)
From: Dan DiBiase <>
Date: Tue, 16 May 2006 10:02:50 -0700 (PDT)
darren <> wrote:  Hi Group.. 

How is everyone? Splendid I hope now the weather is improving! I have a
little problem with my new 1970 MGB GT Automatic.. When I switch off at
the key, it runs, chugs, pops then stops.. It's annoying and
embarrassing and I'm sure it's not good for the engine.. Does anyone
have any ideas? I've purchased a strobe light but can't seem to find any
figures for timing.. Any help would be greatly appreciated..

Darren, curious about the automatic in your BGT - is it original or a later 

Dan D 
The Garden State
'76 MGB Tourer - Driver - "On the Road Again....!"
'65 MGB Tourer Project - Yep, still is....
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