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Re: Another MG engine paint question

To: Peter Ryner <>
Subject: Re: Another MG engine paint question
From: Jim Juhas <>
Date: Wed, 17 May 2006 20:16:49 -0400
If you want what may be the best match, the Ditzler code (PPG) is DQE 
50782Y in alkyd enamel.  A good automotive paint store can match to that 
code for you if they don't have the exact brand.  I put this on over an 
etching primer and it's pretty durable.  The Ditzler product is 
recommended by Robert Vitrikas in MGA History and Restoration Guide.

Peter Ryner wrote:

>I ordered MG engine paint from Moss.  It is labeled Classic Color by Moss, #
>220-540, Red, MGA & MGB Engine Enamel.  I sprayed a little on a box first
>and it looks to be almost candy apple red.  Is this really the right color?
>I shook the can for several minutes and think it is well mixed, but the
>color just doesn't seem right to me.  Any experience or recommendations from
>the list?

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