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To: Ben Fullerton <>
Subject: Re: [Members] sputter
From: Malcolm Jeffcock <>
Date: Wed, 31 May 2006 21:56:32 -0300
Hello All:

            As is often the case, and don't let your head swell Ben, Ben as 
well as some others have it correct. Good pressue from fuel pump but when 
you pulled the gas line off the carb only a trickle. Tacing back a simple 
simple trouble about a fotgotten "repair" (read rig). A couple of years back 
my gas line split and on the highway I did a little rigging--a snip and then 
the gas line joined by slipping a slightly larger piece of hose over each 
end to act as a shunt. I was going to fix it properly but as is often the 
case that night I got home late after the greak down on the highway. The 
next day I did nothing and no trouble was presented  when I drove and so the 
rig just slipped from mind. When I checked today the smaller line had not 
just slipped in without difficulty it was snug (hence no leaks) and it was 
actually sort of folded/collapsed onto itself resulting in a significant 
restriction of fuel flow. That problem now overcome.

            Next: a back fire and I believe rebuilt carbs are lean as I need 
to have the choke out significantly to run. I have adjusted the valves ( a 
couple were tight at 15thou). I also had a leak from rocker cover so have 
had to clean that area and wait to dry. I never seem to be able to get a 
good seal between rocker cover and the head. I have the standard cork gasket 
and had adjusted to the torque recommended but there it was leaking...still 
a thing ot two to do...


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