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Re: Vote for "My Favorite Car" (MGA - Woohoo!)

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Subject: Re: Vote for "My Favorite Car" (MGA - Woohoo!)
From: "WJHS1960" <>
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2006 22:22:24 -0600
<<Anon, you devil, are you cheating?>>

Moi, Larry?????  NEVER!!!!  Just cause Barney is a friend and somewhat
neighbor???  Again, Moi???

<<The 65 Impala convertible was nice -- except the wide white walls.  Please,
not period correct, nor attractive.

#3 for me and you are incorrect ref WWs.  Aftermarket "trend" around DC &
had one<G>

Now about the WISH I HAD one Nomad!!!!  See previous post ref how I got it to
#2 but MGA with an Attitude to OVER 50%!!!


Again, I remain ANON

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