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Re: [Mgs] Harbor Freight - was MGB engine stand hookup

To: "Councill, David" <>, <>
Subject: Re: [Mgs] Harbor Freight - was MGB engine stand hookup
From: Barney Gaylord <>
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 2009 00:44:38 -0500
At 04:01 PM 10/14/2009 -0600, Councill, David wrote:
>.... I bought it but later looked it up on their website only to see 
>that the listed retail price was about $15 lower than what I paid 
>for it. HF told me local stores do not follow national pricing when I asked.

The store prices are often higher than the web prices.  Around the 
Chicago area stores my technique is to print the product/price page 
off the web site, take it to the store for porrf, and they will sell 
it for the web price.  The store managers have the authority to 
"adjust" prices accordingly to be competitive and make teh sales, as 
long as you can prove it may be cheaper somewhere else (even 
competition from the HF web site).

Barney Gaylord

I am an avid fan of cheap tools, when "cheap" is good enough.  Last 
year during my MGA body restoration I bought $700 worth of tools from 
HF including lots of minor stuff but also several power tools in the 
$20-$40 range.  One 7" variable speed sander/buffer failed early (the 
speeed control part) and was exchanged under warrante.  Everything 
else got the job done.  That said, for power tools I use a lot, go 
for the better quality tools.  (Thought that would be pretty obvious).


Support Team.Net

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