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Re: [Mgs] tough decisions.

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Subject: Re: [Mgs] tough decisions.
From: "James Schulte " <>
Date: Sat, 24 Oct 2009 17:23:53 +0000
Just add fogs to the MG (-;
1958 MG Magnette ZB w/fog light
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From: Aaron Whiteman <>
Date: Sat, 24 Oct 2009 16:45:52
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Subject: [Mgs] tough decisions.

Life is good when the hard decision of the day is "which car to take  
 to the
 Sounders game in Seattle tonight, I'll catch a 4:30 flight from 
Spokane to get there.  I was just going to take the Subaru to the  
but it's bright and blue in the big room (though 50 isn't  
 Perhaps I'll just have to bundle up.
 OTOH, it's supposed to be
foggy on the return trip at midnight tonight.
 Decisions Decisions ....
 Aaron Whiteman
 '75 MGB in glorious New Racing Green
 '06 Subaru Outback
Sport (with fog lights)
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