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[Mgs] MGB not (re)starting, following up

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Subject: [Mgs] MGB not (re)starting, following up
From: Steve Shoyer via Mgs <>
Date: Mon, 18 May 2020 01:04:42 -0400
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Hi, about two months ago I asked for help to figure out why my 1980 MGB 
wasn't restarting after being driven for a while.  Most people suggested 
that it was a problem with the battery or with the battery connections.  
I generally kept it on a battery tender, and one person suggested 
disconnecting that because it tends to cover up battery problems. I 
disconnected the tender and let the car sit for a while.

My son, bored from sheltering at home, started a woodworking project in 
the garage.  He didn't realize that using a sander would generate 
sawdust, and didn't notice until I pointed it out to him that the cars 
were now covered with sawdust.

Today was a nice day, so I was planning on washing the cars.  I tried to 
start the MGB - the battery seemed fine, the starter seemed to be 
spinning the engine properly, but the car wouldn't start.

I had added a negative battery to ground cable and a coil to a parts 
order (I needed to replace my gas cap) that's been sitting in the box 
since it arrived in March.  Since the battery appeared to be working OK, 
I tried swapping the coil first.  The old coil (from 2002) was a Lucas 
Sports coil, but I just got the standard coil listed for my car.  I 
installed the new coil, and the car started right away.  It ran pretty 
well, which surprised me a little since it hadn't been driven in a 
while, but I wasn't going to complain.

I'll still replace the negative battery cable - the one on the car looks 
a little frayed - but I'm glad that replacing the coil resolved the problem.

Thanks again to everyone who offered suggestions when I was looking for 

--Steve (1980 MGB)

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