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Re: [Mgs] Amazon scam me thinks?

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Subject: Re: [Mgs] Amazon scam me thinks?
From: Steve Shoyer <>
Date: Fri, 29 May 2020 16:16:18 -0400
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Thread-topic: Re: [Mgs] Amazon scam me thinks?
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I was able to stop having my Prime membership automatically renew by using =
live chat=2E It took a while, but they did it=2E 


On May 29, 2020=
, 3:53 PM, at 3:53 PM, Dan DiBiase <dan=2Edibiase@gmail=2Ecom> wrote:
 them=2E Or live chat=2E
>Dan D
>Central NJ USA
>On Fri, May 29, 2020 at 12:03 PM Barrie Robinson <barrob@=
>> Hello Dan,
>> The service seems fine *if you bu=
y stuff from them!*  But try and
>> the monthly fee if you do not u=
se them !!!!!   You can easily cancel
>at the
>> beginning but once you are=
 a 'member' then cancellation is virtually
>> impossible and getting words =
to any Amazon 'customer service' is not
>> The fact that there are *=
several* books written on how to cancel
>> is indicative of the di=
fficulty of cancelling=2E    Just Google 'How do
>> cancel Amazon Prime'=
=2E   I did and followed the instructions to the
>> but it ended up=
 with back to the 'cancel' page
>> *but would not say "Cancelled" !!!!!!=
! *It seems that once you are in
>> you can never get out
>> On 5/29/=
2020 10:57 AM, Dan DiBiase wrote:
>> Hmmmmm=2E=2E=2E=2E You're saying yo=
u tried this and it didn't work?
>> https://www=2Eamazon=2Ecom/gp/help/c=
>> I'm very happy with Prime=
=2E We get an educational discount using my
>> daughter's =2Eedu email addr=
ess and watch a lot of stuff on Prime
>> Dan D
>> '76B, '65B
>> Central NJ USA
>> http://dandibiase=2Ecbintouch=2Ecom/
>> On Fri, =
May 29, 2020 at 10:19 AM Barrie Robinson <barrob@bell=2Enet>
 Ladies & Gentlemen,
>>> This is way off subject, for which I apologise=
,  but I am one of
>>> people who gets up in arms when I encounter a=
 scam by a company that
>>> do better=2E
>>> If you use Amazon =
you may have taken up their 'Prime' service which
>>> have to pay for=
=2E  Neat what?  You have to pay for good service !!!  
>If it
>>> fits you=
r bill then that is fine
>>> *but just try and cancel it! *I found we had b=
een charged $7=2E99 for
>>> *years* plus a yearly fee although cannot remem=
ber joining=2E   We
>>> use Amazon as "get it now" does not attract=
 us and the last purchase
>was 6
>>> months ago=2E   So obviously cancellat=
ion of Prime was required=2E  Now
>we come
>>> to Amazon's superbly crafted=
 scam=2E   * You cannot cancel=2E*   You end
>>> going round and round =
their web pages but no how, no where does it
>>> you to cancel=2E   =
What is so blatantly indicative of their dishonesty
>>> that if you do =
a search on how to cancel Prime you will find a whole
>>> of books wr=
itten on it=2E   *BOOKS ON HOW TO CANCEL* *!!!*
>>> UNBELIEVABLE=2E  And gu=
ess what?   The books are sold by Amazon=2E
>>> I just had to blow stea=
m off about this=2E   I find the only way is to
>>> cancel my MasterCard an=
d join up with a different credit card=2E   
>The bank
>>> bod told me that=
 they can follow me across to a new MasterCard -what
>>> So it has to=
 be another card=2E
>>> Much mumbling in the background
>>> Barrie
>>> =
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donation  $12=2E75
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<html><head></head><body style=3D"zoom: 0%;"><div dir=3D"auto">I was able t=
o stop having my Prime membership automatically renew by using live chat=2E=
 It took a while, but they did it=2E <br><br></div>
<div dir=3D"auto">--Ste=
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